Plants do suffer...


How many times I heard this

I've never been a person who judges and I'm no better than anyone, and I know this for sure.

I also have a past as an omnivore, I made a choice, something has changed and this is my path now, and I am aware I still have lot to improve.

However, some people react to my way of living (and eating) with the phrase: even plants suffer! and doing this they reduce to zero the chances of living in a non-violent way on this earth.

I have always replied that plants have energies, vibrations, life but there is a difference with animals.

The best answer comes from an Indian activist whose videos I sometimes intercept on instagram: in front of his audience - to this same question - he answers this way:

imagine that your house is on fire and then the firefighters arrive: they put you to safety and you ask them to save your cat or dog left in the house too .... would you ask the firefighters please save my carrots left in fridge? or could you bring the salad to safety?

I think there is nothing else to add !! 

Do you know what I tell you? To the exclamation about the suffering of plants from now on I will also use this story along with the cartoon you see here!

Plants do suffer...