Who I am

Sabrina Peroni


Life starts where fear ends

and at some point in my life I had the courage
to face reality and finally listen to my inner feelings, helped – I'm sure - by the tender looks of the 2 little dogs I had recently adopted, their need for care and their ability to love.

At that stage I realized that the life I was living was different to what my inner self wanted .... I made peace with myself only when I became a vegetarian and then a vegan.  

From there on there was an explosion of life, sentiments and physical and mental energies. Now I really feel my true self, authentic and sincere. I have finally discovered who I am and can let my feelings guide my living and eating choices.   

Driven by a new courage and a lot of curiosity, I resumed my studies obtaining a Masters in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Marche, I also organized vegan cooking classes, opened a blog and became active on Facebook as Verde di Bontà (now Vege -Table). I have written a book, and held courses and workshops, meetings and conferences on the subject.

The pandemic arrived and no more cooking classes or meetings but I still felt a strong desire to continue this journey full of awareness and taste: that’s how vege-table.it  started, with the aim of keeping us all close, united and ready to rediscover and redefine ourselves:  recognizing that food has an important power from an ethical, environmental, culinary, philosophical and ecological point of view.

Because Veg tastes of life .... and we need life ... always!

So welcome to this big home with a large table in the middle with many chairs around where everyone can take their seat and be a part of my  - or better- our vege-“table”


Who I am
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