Double food Pyramid


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There was a day when my studies on Vegetable Nutrition came across this image and for me it was a profound revelation, and at the same time I felt the regret that such a clear and immediate illustration did not have till now the diffusion it deserves (this study was made in 2010) .
In my opinion this image has the courage to face reality and makes an incredible juxtaposition.
In 2010 this study was presented during the conference 'Healthy for you, Sustainable for the Planet', a title that already collects important suggestions.

The pyramid on the left is a nutritional one, where at the basis we find the foods that we can eat more abundantly and at the top those that must be reduced in order to maintain and protect our health. Welcome fruits, vegetables, legumes, various cereals, oil and nuts. Instead, pay attention to red meats, sweets and saturated fats.

The pyramid on the right is an environmental one and reveals the impact that producing food has on our planet:  it results that producing vegetable food has a much lighter impact on the environment when compared to animal foods, and this is because the higher percentages of methane and nitrogen oxide emissions (substances much more harmful than CO2 in terms of greenhouse effect) come from farms (think of the digestive processes of cattle and sheep, their manure and related disposal).

It turns out that what is good for our health is good for our planet as well! As you can see, environmental sustainability and health are largely based on foods of plant origin and, it is worth remembering they include all types of cereals and grains, legumes, fruit, vegetables, nuts, oil seeds. , good fats,

By combining these ingredients we can obtain :wonderful dishes; d environment, air, sole are safeguarded; sustainable quantities of water are used; and we can protect our health and prevent various diseases.

This study was carried out by the BCFN Foundation: more info

Double food Pyramid