Interview with Carlotta Perego from Cucina Botanica (Botanic Cuisine)


Carlotta Perego and her vegetable cuisine, tasty and aware

Carlotta Perego is among the top influencers of the future according to Forbes, soul of Cucina Botanica (Botanic Cuisine), the widely followed and appreciated page with a growing amount of followers. Inside the Fano Review Impronte Femminili (Femminine Prints) I was able to have a nice chat with Carlotta Perego.

Carlotta, with friendly ways that distinguish her, responded to many questions that went from cuisine, the environment, the future and to finish off......tiramisù!


Here you will find our interview intervista del 31 marzo 2021


How did Carlottas passion for vegan cuisine begin?


From a simple reflection on health and it’s relation to food, in fact, wanting to explore a way of nutrition that was healthier and protective to health Carlotta starts by eliminating meat then proceeding to a diet increasingly more plant-based. From there the will to cook and explore a type of cooking that doesn't use the usual ingredients for a traditinal cuisine.


Where did Carlotta study?


She studied at the Los Angeles school, Matthew Kenney becoming herself a teacher until her return to Italy, where she held cooking courses and then from there the idea to open her own page and spread plant-based cooking by social media


What’s the most famous diet where consumption is mainly legumes, cereals, fruit, vegetables and good fats?


The authentic Mediterranean Diet is that which most resembles a veg diet: a diet very protective of health, where animal protein is rarely consumed. It must be said that due to this fact the vegan diet isn’t costly, on the contrary it’s largely based on common foods which cost little


Do you know what one of Carlottas dreams is? Follow the interview and you’ll find out!!


Thanks again for the nice chat, for your friendliness, for having expressed your way of being!!




Interview with Carlotta Perego from Cucina Botanica (Botanic Cuisine)