Spring Orecchiette pasta

Foto Spring Orecchiette pasta
Foto - Spring Orecchiette pasta


360 gr. orecchiette pasta
200 gr. green beans
1 small leek
2 zucchini
10 pumpkin flowers
The rind of one untreated lemon
Black olives, just enough
Oil, salt and pepper


Whilst cooking the orecchiette in boiling salted water, add the topped and tailed green beans to the same water.
Now finely cut the leek and cut into rounds the zucchini and cook in a pan with a little oil and salt, when cooked, add the pumpkin flowers (just the petals), the pitted olives and the grated rind of 1 untreated lemon. Drain the pasta and the green beans and unite all, you can swirl in the pan to flavour better. Then add some chopped parsley, basil leaves and season with pepper.