Springtime Lasagna

Foto Springtime Lasagna
Foto - Springtime Lasagna


Semolina pasta for lasagna how to prepare homemade pasta

Bechamel how to prepare bechamel

Vegetables of your choice: in springtime

200 gr peas

1 fresh spring onion

3 zucchini

12 asparagus




optional: pesto

and nutritional yeast for the top


Knead the ingredients for the pasta, forming a fountain with the flour and slowly pouring into the centre water and oil, mix well, work the dough and leave to rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes, covering with a slightly damp canavaccio.

Then roll and cut into squares (to make the lasagna) and cook in boiling water for 1 or 2 minutes.

Meantime cook the zucchini and spring onion cut into rounds, the peas and the asparagus in a pan.

Now prepare the bechamel adding chopped basil.

Place the vegetables a little at a time on the cooked lasagna, then some spoonfuls of bechamel and proceed with more layers.

On the last layer, add a generous handful of nutritional yeast (to obtain a tasty and crunchy topping) and place in the oven at 200°C for about 30 minutes.

Some advice? Brush a spoonful of pesto (see basic recipe) on the base of the serving plate.


Do you want to try other versions?

In autumn and winter create the lasagna with seasonal ingredients: artichokes, radicchio, potatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms, leeks….

do you want a child friendly lasagna? Try with a vegetable bolognese: