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Foto Buddha Bowl
Foto - Buddha Bowl




“Buddha bowl”, is a list of ingredients to serve in a pot-bellied bowl (bringing to mind the characteristic rounded belly of Buddah). Legend has it that during the ancient peregrinations of the Buddhist monks, they knocked from door to door asking for alms, bringing their own bowls with them which more often than not were filled with whatever food was to hand.


They are healthy bowls, being based on nutritious, healthy vegetable origins


The Buddha Bowls are well-known abroad, especially in anglo saxon countries, they can be of a very appetising aspect and easy to bring with you when eating away from home


They are created following some basic rules and our own imagination. They must contain:

  1. Proteins: preferably of vegetable origin so green light for all types of legumes in all forms: cooked, transformed in hummus, burger, chickpea porridge, etc.
  2. Carbohydrates: preferably wholegrains such as rice, spelled, oats or pseudocereals such as quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth which is also gluten free.
  3. Cooked seasonal vegetables
  4. Raw seasonal vegetables
  5. Dressing: extra virgin olive oil, tahini, oilseeds, avocado, shoyu sauce and gomasio.

Remember to choose seasonal ingredients and preferably of bio origin


The thing to remember is that feeding and nurturing are not always the same thing! Eating crisps and coca cola, for example, feeds but doesn’t nurture…introducing calories but little nutrients.

If, instead, the idea is to eat well, nurturing and staying healthy, the principal concept is to create dishes containing all the nutrients and with an adeguate calorie intake: this is the thinking behind the Buddha Bowl.