Falafel with yellow pepper sauce

Foto Falafel with yellow pepper sauce
Foto - Falafel with yellow pepper sauce


300 gr. soaked dried chickpeas

Natural lemon zest

Garlic (optional)

1 handful of parsley

Optional: breadcrumbs

Oil, salt and pepper


For the pepper sauce

1 yellow pepper




  1. Soak the chickpeas for at least one night and rinse well before using.
  2. Now pour into a grinder together with the garlic, parsley, salt and lemon rind.

Blend until eliminating all lumps and add the breadcrumbs, if using.

Place in a bowl and leave to rest in the fridge to thicken the mixture.


  1. Meantime, prepare the sauce cooking the diced pepper in a pan on a low flame with oil and salt.

Blend well to obtain a very creamy sauce.


  1. With the chickpea mixture, form small balls to put in boiling oil (if we want to fry) or cook in the oven at 180°C.
  2. Pour the pepper cream onto a plate and settle the falafel on top.



Do you want to serve the falafel with a tzatziki sauce? Here’s the recipe:

300 gr. Unsweetened natural soya yoghurt

1 cucumber


Lemon juice

Salt, pepper

Chives, dill or mint


Pour the yoghurt in a bowl, add the grated cucumber (or diced into tiny cubes) and add the lemon juice, oil, salt, pepper, garlic and chopped chives.