Forest Fruit and Lavender Ices

Foto Forest Fruit and Lavender Ices
Foto - Forest Fruit and Lavender Ices


For 4 portions

80 gr. cashew nuts (unsalted) soaked for at least 4 hours

200 gr. extra rich coconut milk

150 gr. natural soya yoghurt

3 spoonfuls of agave syrup (or maple syrup or other sweetners)

Forest fruits of your choice (approx. 100-120 gr.)

biological lavender leaves

Optional: vegan white chocolate


a very easy recipe which allows anyone to create fabulous ices (healthy and delicious) in a few minutes.  As a base there are 3 ingredients (soya yoghurt, coconut milk and soaked and finely chopped cashew nuts), you can sweeten to taste and add fruit, chocolate or hazelnut or pistacchio cream for example...lots of space for fantasy and creativity. In this ice cream I wanted to add the aroma of a flower (lavender) to that of the forest fruits, in an explosion of violet and flavour, finishing off with flakes of white vegan chocolate.

Firstly put the cashewnuts to soak (not toasted or salted) in water for about 4 hours to make them soft. Afterwards, rinse and whisk with very little water to obtain a cream.

From the coconut milk take just the solid part (avoiding the liquid), better still if you have a tin of "extra rich" coconut ie. high fat content. Otherwise you will need to add a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Now mix together in a blender or mixer the soya yogurt, coconut milk and blended cashewnuts.  Sweeten with agave or maple syrup or other sweetners and add the forest fruits.

Arrange in small cups and freeze. Before serving, rest at room temperature and decorate with lavender leaves (just a few) and flaked white vegan chocolate.

A must try recipe!!!