Pear and chocolate cake

Foto Pear and chocolate cake
Foto - Pear and chocolate cake


350gr. flour (I used 250gr. type “2” flour and

100gr. rice flour.... but you can use other flours)

80 gr. brown sugar

2 spoonfuls pear jam

1 sachet yeast for desserts (mix of cream of tartar and bicarbonate)

200ml soya milk (or almond or oat)

70ml deodorized and biological sunflower seed oil

1 tub of natural soya yoghurt (preferably unsweetened)

4 small pears

1 handful walnuts

Just enough chocolate drops


Sift the flour and yeast and add the sugar

Next add the oil, vegetable milk, yoghurt and pear jam

Mix a little and add the diced pear, chopped walnuts and chocolate drops.

Pour into a round baking tin and bake at 180 degrees until golden (about 35-40 minutes)

...I wanted to create a donut shape with an entire pear in the middle!

Serve warm or cold...can be accompanied by a lemon or vanilla cream.