Soft Cocoa Cake

Foto Soft Cocoa Cake
Foto - Soft Cocoa Cake


250 gr. type "2" flour
70 gr. almond flour (you can grind blanched almonds with a grinder if you don't have any)
80 gr. brown sugar
2 spoonfuls of bitter cocoa powder
1 sachet of natural yeast for desserts (mix of cream of tartar and sodium bicarbonate)
1 spoonful of apple vinegar
70 ml. sunflower seed oil (better still if deodorized and bio)
150-180 ml. vegetable drink or water
Optional (I used it here) : 1 small tub of soya yoghurt


Sift the flour, almond flour, brown sugar, yeast and cocoa into a bowl. Add a spoonful of apple vinegar which helps with rising. Mix these ingredients while adding the seed oil and vegetable drink (or water).
Remember when using natural yeast not to use electric whisks or blenders which could deactivate the raising agent of the cream of tartar: it's enough to hand mix using a spoon or hand whisk.
The mixture must be very creamy (regulate with the liquid quantities).
Place in the cake tin (or baking cases….) and place in the oven at 180°C checking every now and again with the help of a toothpick to understand if the mixture is no longer wet: but be careful not to dry it out completely.
If all goes to plan, you will be tasting a super soft and tender cake!