Russian salad

Foto Russian salad
Foto - Russian salad


Just enough mayonnaise (basic recipe)

80 gr. peas (best if new peas or spring peas)

2 medium potatoes

2 carrots

8 pickled gherkins

2 spoonfuls of lemon juice

Chives and/or parsley


Peel and clean the potatoes and carrots and cut into small cubes. Put into boiling, salted water together with the peas. Check the cooking : they can be neither too mushy nor too hard.

Meanwhile prepare the mayonnaise (LINK BASIC RECIPES)

Mix together the mayonnaise and the drained vegetables, folding delicately, sprinkle with lemon juice, cut the gherkins into rounds and add. Serve sprinkled with the chopped chives.

For something different, you can add blended, coloured vegetables to give a different colour to the mayonnaise eg. Boiled purple carrots, boiled beetroot or panfried peppers.